What is a bikini shoot camp?

What to expect

The IBMS Bikini Shoot Camp is designed to be a functional networking tool and career building experience.

During a Bikini Shoot Camp, you will have the opportunity to meet, network, shoot and build professional relationships with up to 20 models, 10 photographers and members of the IBMS Family. 

Bikini Shoot Camps consist of 4 nights and 5 full days of shooting, networking, portfolio building, instruction, experience, support and fun. 


What does an average day look like?

Bikini Shoot Camps are different from typical photography workshops. At a typical photography workshop, one model will pose while numerous photographers shoot the same shot at the same time. Instead, during Bikini Shoot Camps, models and photographers will pair together for individual photo shoot sessions for up to an hour at a time. We believe this offers more of an opportunity to network with others and improve your skills hands-on. 

There will be a Model Mentor and a Photographer Mentor present during each Bikini Shoot Camp. These mentors will be there along the way to give advise and help you with whatever you need throughout the day. 

The day will begin before sunrise each morning and end after sunset each evening. It is not mandatory to be present each day at these times, but it is highly recommended so that you can take advantage of every shooting and networking opportunity. Each morning at promptly 10 am there will be a group meeting. During this we will talk about the plans for the day, answer questions, recap on the previous day, etc. 

How can this event help me?

Since 2010, The IBMS has been successful in launching hundreds of industry careers and helping new models and photographers get published and gain exposure. The International Bikini Model Search and Bikini Shoot Camp can be your platform to launch yourself into the industry and gain the professional connections needed to continue to grow and succeed. 

IBMS industry professionals are now traveling the world living their dreams and have been featured on the covers of Playboy, exclusively in Maxim, FHM, Esquire and countless other magazines. They have appeared in television commercials, become spokes models for countless companies, signed contracts with swimwear companies and have become some of the most professionals in the industry.