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Natasha Monfette

Let’s start from the beginning of time where it all started for me. So in June/July of 2018 a friend of mine Kristen Fischer who’s a Photographer and model was doing a family photo shoot for a family and she asked me if I wanted to tag along and help her.

So I tagged along and helped her even though I wasn’t much help I promise that. But nonetheless she appreciated me and said for helping her she’d take some photos of me so I could have a few professional photos of myself.

I’ve never really modeled before this moment but Kristen made sure to make me feel completely comfortable and she took the most amazing photos ever of me. So fast forward about a week or 2 after those pictures were taken and I saw a post from Patrick McKinney about entering to win a trip to the IBMS Mansion in October 2018 to model for a Shoot Camp. 

I had been following Patrick and the IBMS for about a year and half now and just never took the chance till then. Well, I took the chance posted my picture and won the trip. I was so hesitant cause like I said I’d never model before but I said screw it, you only live once go give it a shot. So I packed my bags and off to the mansion I went.

That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because ever since that moment my career in modeling has taken off. I’ve worked with so many talented people from photographers, models and MUA. 

My first event at the mansion in October 2018 was exactly what I needed at that time in my life. I walked away from that event with a family I had never really had and didn’t realize how much I needed them till then. They supported me and took me in like I was already part of the family. 

I remember being so overwhelmed at first and barely shot at all and Patrick pulled me aside and told me “You need to shoot girl you can do this why else do you think you’re here. You’re here because we know you have what it takes and we wanna see you make it.” Now I cant thank him enough for that talk because it was the talk that helped me. I shot as much as I could that weekend and made the most of it up till the last moment. And it paid off, I got my very first publication from that camp with Robert Poss

And from that moment on I’ve never stopped! I’ve continued to chase my dream with the help of Patrick and the IBMS. I’ve entered every contest they’ve held and have won multiple things that have changed and helped my career. I have been published over 22 times in the last year and 2 months since I’ve started this journey, and 4 of those publications were covers.

And if I’m being honest I would’ve never thought of myself as a model or better yet a cover model before any of this took place. I can’t thank Patrick or the IBMS enough for the opportunities they’ve provided me thus far and continue to provide me. 

The opportunities are always flowing with the IBMS! 

I won 3 shoot camps these past 6 months that I can use towards 2020 shoot camps; not including the one I previously had which makes 4 total. 

The best thing is Patrick is so understanding and if you can’t make it to a certain camp due to another situation he allows you to transfer the camp to another camp that you can make. I also won the RV road trip to Las Vegas March 2020 with Tony Hayes, Patrick and the IBMS and I am so excited to view the country with my IBMS family. Vegas March 2020 I will see you there ready to network and create magic with everyone. 

I have also won 3 IBMS awards Rookie model of the year, Shoot camp model of the year, the IBMS Jamie Kimbrough makeup & hair award as well as a notable mention for the IBMS Kristy Seguin tattooed model of the year. I have also been out of the country to Costa Rica 🇨🇷 due to an amazing sponsorship I got through a photographer ( Chris Hansen ) I met through the IBMS. 

Now don’t get me wrong I will be honest not EVERYTHING has been sunshine and rainbows. I have witnessed a few unfortunate events with the IBMS but those situations ARE ALWAYS TAKEN CARE OF and MADE UP FOR ABOVE and BEYOND what is expected by Patrick McKinney and the IBMS. 

An every company isn’t perfect and neither are people but the IBMS is pretty close to being perfect. Even with the mishaps I'D STAND BY THE IBMS and Patrick till the end because they’ve proven time and time again they are about family and that’s what the IBMS is, it's family. 


Natasha Monfette


Zaneta Brennan

Truly blessed to apart of The International Bikini Model Search family.... I must say we met some pretty amazing people this week. 

I can't say thank you enough to Patrick McKinney and Emanuel Salias for the opportunity to be apart of this organization 😍 and of course we wouldn't have been there without Arlene Roberts with EM Modeling Agency. Love you!

All of the models and photographers that we met were welcoming with open arms. You all gave my hubby and myself so much advice and knowledge. You all were too kind❤ Warren Anderson all I can say is thank you for taking us both under your wings. You are a book of knowledge. We are forever grateful for you!

Jamie Kimbrough I really appreciate you making me beautiful every single day. You are an incredibly talented Makeup artist 🥰
Kaska Kaminski Thank you for being so kind and very helpful. I love your spunk and your beauty 😍

I want thank to all of the incredible photographers that gave me an opportunity to shoot with them. All of your work is amazing❤ Warren Anderson, Thomas Brennan, Arlene Roberts, Kristy Seguin, EL Em, Craig Block, Gary Miller, Arthur G. Schlosser, Mosaab Alsaray, Christopher Lomboy, Tony Hayes, Bill Keel, Hector Alberto Aguilar S, Drew Santos, David Soto I hope to work with you all again 😊

I would love an opportunity to work with the photographers that I didn't get a chance to in the future ❤

Most importantly I want to thank my hubby Thomas Brennan for believing in me and supporting my dreams. Also, my beautiful best friend Katie Nelson Halliday I couldn't have done it without you!😘

I hope to see you all again. We'll always have an everlasting friendship. Love you IBMS family 🤗 See you in Costa Rica!!
#TheIBMS / #EMmodelingAgency

Zaneta Brennan
Proud IBMS Model review


Morgan Torres

While I have only been modeling for about 8 months, I have had such an amazing ride. After beating 4 deadly tick-borne diseases, I have come back so much stronger and feeling more beautiful than ever. 

I have to give due credit to the IBMS network. My first encounter with Patrick McKinney and the IBMS family was back in July of 2019. Patrick came to Tennessee for the EM Modeling Agency ‘Model of the Year’ event. 

Due to his friendship and close connection to our agency owner and founder, Arlene Roberts, all participants had the opportunity to meet and talk with Patrick. That was not the only exciting news, as we were beside ourselves with joy to hear that Mosaab Alsaray, an Internationally Published Photographer that has had several sets published in Playboy, Maxim, and FHM, would be in attendance to shoot the models for the EM MOY competition.

It was surreal to be working with such heavy hitters in this industry. Although I know we were all nervous and perhaps even a little intimidated to work with such talent, both Patrick and Mosaab were so easy to talk to, and made us feel very comfortable. 

I ended up being one of two models that were selected from that event to be published in International Playboy magazines. I am still buzzing with excitement from my August International Playboy publication. 

Since July, I have attended two IBMS shoot camps, and made memories at each that will last a lifetime. Within a single night of being with the IBMS family, I made lifelong connections and friends. In addition to far exceeding any expectations I ever had in modeling, getting published in several international magazines, I have rebuilt my self image with the help of the IBMS family.

I am so incredibly grateful for each and every connection I’ve made.

Morgan Torres
Proud IBMS Model review


Tina Marie

Let me start by saying my name is Tina Marie, I am Tina Marie. I am not anyone BUT TINA MARIE!

I have dreams, goals, desires, and many ideas. Here is the beautiful part about being Tina Marie.... You see I have choices and all of what I just said is not the same as what others may want. But you see that's what is amazing.... my expectations and experiences are not the same as others. You see ones outlook on life and experiences is what makes life extraordinary. So with that being said... I can tell you that with the many differences models, photographers, publications, make-up artists, hair stylists, sponsors, etc....seek or want the IBMS does offer opportunity. What you get from The International Bikini Model Search depends on you. Your dedication to your own dreams will make you succeed or not. The IBMS is an amazing opportunity to bring people together within this industry. If you come to any modeling event or gig your going to get out of it what you put into it. Your personality and impression is what will make or break you.

Is your cup half empty or half full???
The most positive you is the one that through no matter what is the one that pushes you and challenges you. If you're realistic and optimistic you will grow. The IBMS makes the opportunity a reality and offers a chance that you won't get if you don't take a chance. I am from Montana and work hard when it's available for me at my convenience to grow as a model. I am a mother and I will tell you 1st hand I have always been supported as a mother and a model by the IBMS Family. Yes there are always challenges, but I have never had to face them alone. My outlook chooses to be positive and see the chances the IBMS does bring to me.

I never went expecting anything more then a great time and walked away with amazing friends, some stunning shots that when I'm 80 will make me smile and my great grand kids say grandma that was you.... yup. I started late in the game, but I crossed my T's and dotted my I's as I read the trip details and knew damn well that I was going to have a great damn time. Hell I slipped on water and fell down a flight of marble stairs in 6 inch stilettos in a thousand dollar bikini in Mexico and did the IBMS shut me down??? Hell no, they literally picked me up, taped me up and I rocked that black tape project with a swollen broken ankle.

So my testimonial will be to join the IBMS Family and make your own choice on what your dreams hold. Just because you do, doesn't mean you can't try others. Only bitterness from others will be their loss and limit. But the positivity you will feel from the true the IBMS FAMILY and Patrick McKinney will keep you coming back.

Your dreams are endless and you make the rules.

Tina Marie
Proud IBMS Model


Michael Elliott

As a new photographer going to my first IBMS event in Destin, Florida a couple years ago, I was nervous that my skills wouldn't be up to par.

I met Mike RockCandy Cole first and he took me with him on a pool shoot with Nicole Dowling from Australia. He gave me some tips and checked up on me throughout the event. I had so much fun!!

I was published twice after my first event ( I took almost 2k photos) (first publications ever.) I met a model and make up artist associated with The IBMS that lived near me we worked together and built a wedding portfolio that became very lucrative for me in the following months.

At the time of writing this I have been to 5 events and will continue to go for as long as possible. Patrick McKinney is cool and easy going! After hurricane Michael hit Panama City Beach he opened his home to my daughter and myself while I was evacuated.( Show me any other company CEO that would do that)

After leaving every event I am sad that it's over and can't wait till the next opportunity I get to shoot with my friends and family in The IBMS.

I highly recommend the opportunity to anyone that is slightly interested.

Michael Elliott

Michael Elliott Photography

Proud IBMS Photographer


Mimi Cortes

This Year has been one of the best years of my life THANKS to The IBMS, My family!

I am so proud to be an IBMS Ambassador and for The IBMS giving me the opportunity to see many places I never thought I would see. I could have never had the opportunity to visit some of these places and met so many amazing people. I had unforgettable experiences and memories, tons of fun, and not to mention lifetime friendships. 

The IBMS Events allowed me to learn new things from models and photographers from all over the world, that just like me have a passion for photography and travel.

The International Bikini Model Search is one of the best venues to develop your modeling skills, connect with other models, photographers, MUA’s, and designers from all over the world. 

Thank you to Patrick McKinney and all the IBMS Family for making my modeling dreams come true. I can not wait for what is to come in 2020!

Mimi Cortes
Proud IBMS Model and IBMS Ambassador


Carlie Caitlin Hight review

I have attended 4 IBMS ( The International Bikini Model Search ) events in the past 6 months and they have all been absolutely amazing. Each event had such a talented and professional group of models and photographers. The IBMS has jump started my career! 

Since then I've gotten 3 International Playboy publications, 1 Playboy cover as well as a Playboy centerfold in two separate countries. 

Anyone that is thinking about attending these events should definitely sign up and become a part of this beautiful IBMS family. I look forward to my next event with them and can’t wait to see where my future goes with this life changing group of people !❤️ I’m seriously beyond grateful for what IBMS and Patrick McKinney have done for my life!

Special thank you to Mosaab Alsaray for always taking the best pictures and Henry Hall for all of the support!

Carlie Caitlin Hight
Proud IBMS Model review


Jessica Franco

My trip to Tulum, Mexico with The IBMS was incredible!!
I met so many amazing and talented people that I call friends today. 

A set from IBMS Tulum was published in Playboy Sweden and I’ve made so many magazine covers since then. My modeling hasn’t ever been slow, but since IBMS Tulum it has been boosted!! Working with people from all over the country experienced or not, I got to learn new things and also share my skills with others. I never thought I’d be in the same room with so many brilliant minds. 

If you’re serious about this modeling and photography industry. These events are very hard work but also beneficial, exciting and valuable if you commit. 

I highly recommend signing up. You’ll travel, create new content like no other and join the IBMS family. 

Thank you Patrick McKinney, the IBMS staff and Christopher Lomboy for all the love, support and incredible memories.

Jessica Franco
Proud IBMS Model review


Kelly Collins

Such a great Sunrise shot with EL Em of CM Photography at the The International Bikini Model Search in Tulum, Mexico! 

This past trip in Tulum was so fun and amazing. Not only did I get to meet so many amazing models and photographers, I was reunited with old friends and besties I met from past IBMS Events. I am always learning new things from models and photographers alike at these events and now I am actually getting to share my knowledge as a model to help other photographers and models that are just starting off. 

These events are fun, hard work, and rewarding as long as you are willing to put In the work, make those connections, and follow up. I owe most of where I am today to my experience with The International Bikini Model Search and I have also met my best friends Kindly Jean Myers and Lizzy Acosta as well. 

Thank you to Patrick McKinney and all the IBMS Staff for making Tulum happen and I can’t wait to see what’s in the future!

Kelly Collins
Proud IBMS Model


Chloe Terae Thomson

The International Bikini Model Search has been a life-changing experience for me and I always look forward to attending all the new events each year. Punta Cana will be my 5th time attending The International Bikini Model Search. The first event I attended was in the Bahamas a few years ago. I was 18 years old and new to modelling! I was actually pretty lost at the time too. I always knew Playboy was my dream but I didn't know how I would get there and I didn't have much experience with posing, doing makeup, or anything model related really. IBMS has taken me in like family and I couldn't be more grateful for everything that Patrick McKinney have done for me. So many doors and opportunities have been opened for me because of IBMS. I sincerely believe I would not be as successful as I am now without this amazing company. From photographers to models, and all the wonderful people that come out to each event, you will always make the necessary connections and network that will help you develop your career. We all work together to support each other and achieve all of our goals.  The best thing about being a part of something like this is that you always have something to look forward to. Patrick McKinney is extremely organized and they always have their next event ready and planned before the one you are at is even over! Having an event to look forward to is really crucial as a model and will teach you the essential skills to become successful in this industry. It motivates you to set goals to work out, eat healthy, and be the best you can be!  Each time I return to IBMS I have my goals achieved even more, I've worked more, gotten published more, worked out more... basically improved everything and more! I'm challenged and exercised so that when I come I can feel the improvement-mentally, emotionally, and physically! I believe there is always room for improvement no matter who you are and that you can always do better and be better inside and out! I've grown SO much in the past 4 events. If you had met me back then you would not believe I am the same person now! I've not only matured as a model but as an individual. I have to give a huge thanks to IBMS for introducing me to companies, and now friends, such as Drew Santos, The Black Tape Project, Vengemedia, Mike Prado Foto, Joe Damaso, and Gary Miller. Just to name a few of the people I've not only worked with at an IBMS event, but have been able to either meet up and shoot with in between events or done appearances and shows together. I am only 21 and I've been published in 9 International editions of Playboy magazine including Mexico, Greece, South Africa, Venezuela, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, and now Mongolia as well. I've also been Cyber Girl of the month for Playboy US and I am currently in the running for Playmate of the Year in South Africa. There is also a lot of new projects I am working on with other International brands of Playboy and other publications, This year many of my favorite pictorials have been shot at IBMS events and I look back on them and am so grateful for the opportunities it has brought to me. It's a terrific and unforgettable experience not just for models, but for everyone. There are so many enjoyable theme parties and shows we attend, it's such a nonstop event! It's something I am constantly proud to be apart of and excited to attend! I could go on forever talking about how great The International Bikini Model Search is, but I think you need to come and experience how outstanding it is and what it can do for your career first hand. Words just can't describe how incredible the experience truly is! I can't wait to meet all the new models, new photographers, and new party goers in PUNTA CANA! I also can't wait to see all my friends coming back and participating again! Never give up on your dreams. You are in an industry where you have to work for what you want! The International Bikini Model Search is an everlasting investment because it will help create, expand, and explode your career!!!  

Chloe Terae Thomson

Proud IBMS Model review photography